Sustainability is an integral part of the operations at Cedar Sales. As a leading Australian company specialising in the supply of Western Red Cedar in the region, Cedar Sales believes beautiful products and sustainable practices don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The increased awareness of environment-friendly practices has made people more conscious about the need to ensure sustainability, especially when specifying timber.

Taking their commitment to the environment seriously, Cedar Sales has adopted active measures to reduce their carbon footprint when creating a stylish range of architectural products using Western Red Cedar. Their entire product range of cladding, panelling and screening uses timber from sustainable sources.

Western Red Cedar is one of the most eco-friendly timbers for the building trade, minimising greenhouse gas generation, water and air pollution, and energy use during production.

Cedar Sales purchases timber only from renewable and sustainable sources with their timber carrying the following certifications:

Chain of Custody FSC Certification

An independent third-party confirmation regarding the path of the timber from the forest to the end project, FSC Chain of Custody Certification provides a guarantee that the timber product originated from well-managed forests, controlled sources and/or reclaimed materials.

PEFC Certification

Cedar Sales’ timber is endorsed by the world's largest forest certification organisation: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

GreenTagCert GreenRate Level A Certification

All Cedar Sales products carry GreenTagCert GreenRate Level A Certification with Platinum Ratings for most products. GreenTagCert is an internationally-recognised, third party, green building and other product rating and assessment system. Cedar Sales is honoured to have received Australia’s first GreenTagCert Platinum Rated Certification.