Western Red Cedar from Cedar Sales was specified for a luxury townhouse complex to help deliver the design vision for the project.

Located in the Brisbane riverside suburb of Hawthorne, the boutique complex of luxurious two-storey town homes developed by Sokip builders are built for a modern, urban lifestyle, focussing on clever design to maximise space in the unit. In addition to superior fittings for quality construction, the build also uses Western Red Cedar to reduce noise.

Drawn to the sharp parallel channels of Channel Clad, Sokip builders used Channel Clad, Channel Clad with Centre Groove and Rib Clad to deliver the design vision for the boutique complex. Western Red Cedar’s noise-reducing properties are ideal for urban living, and the Channel Clad will retain style as it ages, silvering off beautifully.

Cedar Sales products used in the project included Channel 71mm x 26mm (CLSS5C71X26); and Channel with Centre Groove 115mm x 26mm (CLCG19C115x26).

To allow the Western Red Cedar material to silver with age, Cedar Sales simply coats the timber in Cutek Clear, which penetrates the surface and protects the material from moisture and sun, while still allowing the timber to age according to the architect’s design.