Western Red Cedar is a hardy tree that thrives in south-west Canada and the north-west United States. Also known as Western Cedars, Pacific Cedars, Giant Western Arborvitae, Shingle Wood, and Giant Cedars, these massive trees can rise up to fifty metres before the lowest branches appear in dense forests.

The oldest Western Red Cedar tree in the world could be 1,460 years old with many in ancient forests having passed their first millennium. However, Cedar Sales believes in responsible sourcing and is committed to the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody.

The Western Red Cedar timber available from Cedar Sales is harvested responsibly, is soft to work with, yet has a tight straight grain and very few knots. Its natural resistance to decay makes it perfect for machining into planks. Western Red Cedar wood is also ideal for frames, and making kayaks and smaller sailboats.

Western Red Cedar has been used in the past to make storage chests and cabinetry, thanks to the pungent aromatic oils in the timber that keep off mould, moths and beetles. These characteristics make Western Red Cedar a perfect timber product for exterior cladding and interior walls.