According to CBS Radiant Heating Systems , slab heating has been around for at least 50 years. In fact, the Egyptians had it over 2000 years ago. So they’ve reinvented the wheel.

Prior to the long overdue introduction of ‘off peak power’, introduced in Western Australia, slab heating lost popularity, due to the high associated running costs.

Slowly but surely, this attitude is changing. Architects and consulting engineers are realising that ducted air heating isn’t for everyone and for those seeking to minimize allergen discomfort, this form of heating has much to offer.

For clients planning to build, slab heating is definitely worth consideration, due to low installation cost and economical running cost, facilitated by the low tariff available at night. This is used to recharge the ‘thermal mass’, which in turn distributes even temperature during the daytime, while turned off. Virtually any floor covering can be used, as the gentle heat released is harmless.