Cauzac Tiles is a company that manufactures and supplies tiles across Australia. The tiles from Cauzac Tiles are available in a wide range of colours, which blend perfectly with the Australian climate and environment. Cauzac Tiles provides a full range of tiles to suit individual needs.

Cauzac Tiles extends tiles that provide a subtle reflection of the colours and textures of Australian land. The quality and design of the tiles from Cauzac Tiles is synonymous with the French style. Some of the types of tiles offered by Cauzac Tiles are Cauzac half round Tile, Cauzac interlocking Tile, Cauzac clay shingle and Cauzac underlay sheet.

Cauzac half round tile from Cauzac Tiles is available in many colours to suit specific architecture and individual requirements. Some of the tiles in this category are Cauzac Senanque half round, Cauzac Old Country half round, Cauzac Castleviel half round, Cauzac Massilia half round, Cauzac Silvacane half round, Cauzac Authentique half round, Cauzac Medieval half round, Cauzac Grey half round and Cauzac Manor half round.

The Cauzac interlocking Clay Tile offered by Cauzac Tiles is also available in many types such as Cauzac Authentique interlocking Tile, Cauzac Castelviel interlocking Tile, Cauzac Vieux Midi interlocking Tile, Cauzac Silvacane interlocking Tile and Cauzac Medieval interlocking Tile.