Some of the famous tiles from Cauzac Tiles are Cauzac half round Tile, Cauzac interlocking Tile, Cauzac clay shingle and Cauzac underlay sheet. Cauzac clay shingle is available in many colours to suit the individual styles.

Cauzac Tiles is a specialist in tiles designing and it offers various tiles to suit specific and individual needs of the customers. The tiles from Cauzac Tiles are designed such that they completely blend with the colours and textures of Australian land.

Some of the tiles offered by Cauzac Tiles in Cauzac clay shingle category are Cauzac Red Flame clay shingles, Cauzac Old Tobacco clay shingles, Cauzac Old Steeple clay shingles, Cauzac Champagne clay shingles, Cauzac Curved Towers clay shingles, Cauzac Glazed clay shingles and many more.

Cauzac Tiles also offers Soutuile 230 underlay sheet in its Cauzac underlay sheet section. Soutuile 230 underlay sheet is used to support half-round tapered tiles. It guarantees perfect and rapid water tightness.

Some of the advantages of Soutuile 230 underlay sheet offered by Cauzac Tiles are concealment of roof flashings, self sarking, enhanced insulation qualities, lighter roof frame and many more. It is available in terra cotta colour.