SuperBlend premixed vitamins and minerals are currently available from Cathay Industries Australasia . This carefully blended premixed product will protect against the degradation of potencies, reactivity of ingredients and unstable and offensive sensory characteristics.

SuperBlend incorporates any combination of:

  • Coated SuperCoat ingredients
  • Uncoated nutrients
  • SuperTab granulations
  • Micronutrient triturations
This premixed product enables the consolidation of multiple nutrients into a quality assured single step ingredient thus delivering economy of scale in the final production process. SuperBlend vitamins and minerals eliminate the need to pre measure individual ingredients for each batch and this can result in an increase in production output and a decrease in labour costs. Using this product also has the potential to reduce errors on the production line.

Other benefits of using SuperBlend premixes include:

  • Increased homogeneity of the final product
  • Decreased warehouse and inventory costs
  • Prevention of de-mixing of ingredients
  • Good flow properties