CATERPILLAR is replacing the familiar red beltline stripe with a new look that features a red slash setting off model numbers and highlighting the Cat logo. The new Power Edge trade dress accommodates product design differences so that the 700 Cat products can display a consistent look.

The red beltline was introduced in 1991 and 1992. But as the shape of machines and work tools changed, it became difficult for designers to use the trade dress consistently and cost effectively.

With the introduction of the Power Edge trade dress, Caterpillar s industrial designers have created flexible graphics that incorporate recognised elements of the previous system while establishing a modern look that drives consistency.

Those new product introductions start the march toward April 2007, when all Caterpillar products will display the new look, and many will be presented at the bauma international trade fair in Germany.

The schedule is driven by the proliferation of new Caterpillar products and the goal of generating the maximum market impact with a strengthened product identity.

The new trade dress is part of the Caterpillar product identity strategy to drive consistency within product families and across the entire product line. The Caterpillar distinctive appearance includes, for example, cab components and machine styling that support consistent placement of controls and service access points so that form enhances function.

Source: Construction Contractor