Available from CASF Australia , three new colours of Corian have made their Australian debut. Sagebrush, Cirrus White and Salt are the new additions to the Corian colour palette for 2009 and are set to inspire commercial and residential designs this year.

Sagebrush and Cirrus White are soft inviting colours with gentle veining that will add to the warm and natural hues of the Corian Organics Collection. Sagebrush is a warm grey base with bronze veins that diffuse into a range of multicoloured sage tones and large translucent particles. Cirrus White is a warm white base with random veins in a mixture of white tones.

Salt is a light base colour featuring small icy particles that will brighten up any space and is the new addition to the Corian Whites palette. The dramatic lightness of Salt will create a crisp, clean and minimalist look to any installation.

The three new Corian colours complement any style in any environment by combining beauty, function and design flexibility. The non-porous nature and easy maintenance of Corian creates designs that are aesthetically and functionally pleasing. The new colours of Corian will create a remarkable atmosphere in any application and provide an avenue of expression through design.

Corian also offers an extensive palette of colours to embrace and inspire any environment.