Corian® introduces the new Ultraplane basin to their suite of bathroom solutions for commercial and residential sectors.

The result of an inspired collaboration with multi award-winning designer Mark Gacesa, the new Corian® Ultraplane represents an intimate encounter with design, offering end users the perfect synthesis of form and function.

Ultraspace’s creative director Mark Gacesa has designed the Ultraplane as a surface mounted flexible vessel featuring an 80-degree aspect ratio that allows the basin to angle from the ground or wall, bringing an oasis of wellness and refinement irrespective of any spatial constraints.

Mark Gacesa – Designer: “The unconventional manner in which the vessel leans forward away from the wall, coupled with the actual waterplane slanting backward – creates an illusion that the main surface is level – which shouldn’t work – but of course it does!”

What adds drama to this elegant bathroom fixture is an integrated LED lighting system that allows the waterplane section to illuminate substantially, elevating its design identity.

Mark Gacesa – Designer: “Luxuriously fitting into any high-end residential bathroom, the LED lighting can be customised to illuminate the Ultraplane in any colour desired.”

The Ultraplane harnesses the technical and aesthetic aspects of the Corian® high-tech solid surface, integrating strong, sculptural design possibilities with the endurance and convenience required of high-traffic washbasins.

Mark Gacesa – Designer: “Ultraplane is the epitome of a surface mounted flexible vessel that can fit into any tight space.”

The Ultraplane delivers a visually and spatially neater and more seamless solution with water spilling from a small gap at the back of the vessel. All pipes and plumbing systems are contained within the Ultraplane.

The Ultraplane is recommended for diverse environments from restaurants and bars to smaller residential bathrooms.

Mark Gacesa – Designer: “The stylish minimal design allows water to escape without drawing attention to a distracting typical waste point.”

Ultraplane is a freestanding flexible vessel perfect for tight bathroom spaces. The stylish, yet quirky design creates an illusion that the water is escaping from a level plane. Combined with its clean lines and elegant shallow surface, the Ultraplane offers a striking and luxurious alternative to standard wall basins or floor pedestal basins in modern bathrooms.

Corian® bathroom solutions are available in Australia through CASF Australia.