Available from CASF Australia , DuPont Corian Exterior Cladding (EC) makes a striking design statement when used as panelised building facade systems. Combining Form and Function, this solid surface cladding offers deign flexibility as well as robust reliability.

This panelised cladding is can be used to create expansive vertical surfaces with inconspicuous seams. DuPont Corian EC can also feature 3D textured effects and CNC pattern cutting as well as curves, inlays and backlighting.

In fact, DuPont Corian Exterior Cladding can be considered somewhat of a blank canvas for expression through different techniques and capabilities:

  • Thermoforming - to create high impact 3D effects and customised shapes
  • Engraving - to etch ideas into solid reality, via CNC and other techniques
  • Joining - to create smooth surfaces with subtle seams and monolithic effects, or choose overlapped or open joints
  • Finishing - cladding comes ‘ready to wear’ with no need for sealants or treatments, offering a smooth and non-porous surface
  • Colour - pristine white is always popular, however there is an extensive colour palette to choose suitable shades for external applications
With outstanding UV and weather resistance, this cladding will retain its good looks for many years. It is also simple to maintain and repair.

The fixing system will need to be mechanically attached or adhered, but it must also be engineered with sufficient tolerances and flexibility so that it can withstand a variety of differential movements.

DuPont Corian external cladding is easy to work with and install and as the surface is non porous it is particularly to dirt and stains.

DuPont Corian cladding is inert, certified as hygienic and will not negatively impact on a building’s air quality.

More information is available from CASF Australia.