Corian solid surface in Glacier White, available from CASF Australia, has been used in the creation of Le Cob bath.

Handcrafted from Corian solid surface and glass, this elegant bath’s design creates a unique bathing experience while resembling Le Corbusier’s chaise lounge.

Holding less water that conventional baths, Le Cob baths also feature a soothing cascade overflow, offering a naturally therapeutic effect as the water falls onto the pebbles below.

The Le Cob bath is an example of how Corian solid surface can be used to bring unique design ideas to life.

DuPont Corian solid surface is a versatile product that can be joined together seamlessly to create a one piece homogenous look, offering virtually unlimited design possibilities as a decorative surface. The non porous decorative surface material is completely solid, meaning it will not support the growth of bacteria or fungi.

Corian solid surface material is durable and robust, however, should damage occur, it can usually be restored to its original condition by a Certified Fabricator without entirely replacing the material.

Further information on Corian solid surface and its applications and design options is available from CASF Australia.