CASF Australia announces the Edition 1 winners of Corian Design Awards 2018 in the Commercial and Residential categories.

Commercial Category Winner: Nubo designed by PAL Design

Nubo is a 'one of a kind play centre' designed to encourage learning, exploration and boundless imagination. The Scandinavian design realises its simplicity through a clean and calm colour palette to avoid creating any distractions, while providing a safe and comfortable environment for young children.

Corian (Glacier White) was chosen for its safety, ease of maintenance and low cost. Safety was an important design challenge for the play centre, given that toddlers and children would be using the space. The clever material echoes with minimalistic aesthetics, helping to create a desired sense of home and comfort. Functionally, Corian is an easy surface to maintain as it can be cleaned with wet wipes and most importantly, it is bacteria-free. Renewable in nature, Corian ensures both material and maintenance costs are controlled.

Residential Category Winner: Tran Brighton designed by Smith & Smith Kitchens

Corian helped the designers transform a once mediocre L-shaped timber-looking laminate kitchen into a space of beauty and substance, providing more storage, an island and outdoor access.

Corian Dune Prima was selected for its organic patterns mimicking nature while providing warmth for the domestic environment. Flowing white and sandy hues hint at the seashore creating natural colour aesthetics, enabling an ideal transition into the outdoor areas.

Corian was chosen for its unique durability and also for its ability to be returned to its original condition in the unlikely event of damage. Corian is a remarkably durable material that is easy to live with – it cannot delaminate, is virtually maintenance-free and stands up well to daily wear and tear. Marble effects and the extensive colour palette available delivered the desired look in this project.

Highly sought after in slab form, Corian can also be shaped to any design requirement.

Corian Design Awards 2018: Win a trip to Japan in 2019

The Corian Design Awards recognises local designers for their creative use of Corian solid surface material in a commercial or residential design project.

Entry to the Corian Design Awards for 2018 is open now. All specifiers, architects/ designers and students are eligible to enter. Partners (such as shop fitters and Corian Fabricators) may enter on behalf of the designer.

There are two categories: Residential and Commercial. At the end of each quarter (March, June, September and December), a winner will be announced for each category, who will be shortlisted to go into the end of year pool of candidates to select the overall winners. The overall winner for each category will be announced in January 2019.

The overall winners will also receive additional editorial and global exposure via the DuPont Network as well as a trip to Japan in 2019.