If ever there was a material suited to high use wet areas Corian is it. Corian used in a bathroom design is inviting, convenient and comfortable. Inviting in its style and tones. Convenient in its ease of maintenance and solid durability. Comfortable in its feel and warmth.    

With Corian you can add a touch of style to one of the most highly used rooms in your home.  Striking vanity bowls, vanity tops, bath surrounds, bath tubs, flooring and shower units made with Corian, create a personal retreat that uplifts the spirit and comforts the soul.  

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Corian in the bathroom offers pleasure in performance. The seamless, hygienic and non-porous nature of Corian makes it a trouble-free surface, providing today’s busy consumer with time for much more productive endeavours than cleaning. A simple wipe with a soapy sponge, followed by a rinse is all it takes to care for a Corian bathroom surface… that’s when you remember to clean it.  

The bathroom can be a hazardous place when wet and slippery floors are mixed together.  As a result, when it comes to choosing flooring material safety is paramount. Corian is a superbly practical flooring surface, meeting the most stringent slip resistance standards.  

Custom Corian Vanity Bowls and Tops

With an expansive palette of over 90 Corian colours and virtually limitless design freedom, you can create your own custom Corian vanity top. Corian can be cut and seamed to any size to create a continuous surface. A Corian vanity bowl is also an attractive complement to a Corian vanity top. There are two standard Corian bowl sizes available in two popular Corian colours.   

Corian bathroom design accentuates the strengths of this remarkable surface material – its long-life renewability, non-porosity, seamlessness, cleanability and warm feel. Corian is backed by a DuPont 10-year warranty.

CASF Australia  is the national suppliier of Corian.