CASE Construction Equipment’s  new 400 series 3 line of skid steer loaders feature more powerful engines, a redesigned cab and improved serviceability.

The eight-model series is powered by clean burning, Tier III certified turbocharged engines that provide increased horsepower, improved torque and enhanced performance across the line.

The 410 model is powered by a 2.2 litre engine rated at 37kW (49Hp), the 420, 430, 435 and 445 models are powered by a 3.2 litre engine and are rated at 42kW (56Hp), 55.2kW (74Hp), 54kW (72Hp) and 55.2kW (74Hp) respectively and the 440, 450 and 465 models are powered by a 4.5 litre engine and are rated at 61.2kW (82Hp).

Comfort, ease of use and visibility

“Operator comfort is a big factor in productivity and is a key design imperative that underpins all of our new product development activity,” said Ian Johnston, CASE Construction Equipment Product Marketing Manager.

The new cabs available on all models feature a 7% increase in headroom and a 6% increase in lap-bar width, along with improved forward, side, rear and overhead visibility.

The 435, 445, 450 and 465 series 3 models offer a 20% increase in front glass area, while the 410, 420, 430 and 440 series 3 units feature an 81% increase.

On the interior, a suspension seat comes standard, while a new cushioned lap bar with arm rest and new ergonomically designed control handles provides more comfort and space when operating the machines.

The parking brake has also been relocated to the handle, and text labels for switches add to further ease of use. The foot throttle is also now standard on all models, allowing operators to easily control RPMs.

The hand throttle was relocated on the series 3 410, 420, 430 and 440 to be the same as the larger models. Also standard on the machines are the headliner, backup alarm and horn, footrest, 12V power plug, storage tray and cup holder.

On the exterior, ideal side lighting provides full visibility to the sides during night time operation. A standard overhead window with more punch-outs than previous models provides good visibility to the loader arms when the bucket is in the raised position.

The loader tower profile has also been redesigned to provide better visibility while operating. Meanwhile, ergonomically designed grab handles provide easier entry and exit from machines.

Ease of service

Ease of service is a key feature of the new models, while improved oil and fuel filter access will help avoid spills and speed up oil changes. The heavy-duty radiator and air cooler are sized for high-flow auxiliary hydraulics as well as operation in extreme temperatures.

“The 420, 430, 435 and 445 series 3 models feature a no-maintenance fan belt, while an automatic belt tensioner on the 440, 450 and 465 models maximises uptime due to the fact the belt does not need to be adjusted,” Ian Johnston said.

Battery-disconnect and remote-jumpstart terminals are standard on all models, with the exception of the 410 and 420.

Single-location daily service checks remain a feature of the line, with sight gauges for checking hydraulic and coolant levels, a dipstick for checking engine oil levels and the air filter all located in the rear of the machine. The easy tilt ROPS design provides easy access to major components for service.

Pilot controls for all models

Pilot controls are now available on all eight models in either H or ISO patterns. Factory-supplied accessory kits are also available through CASE Construction Equipment dealers to permanently change the pattern from H to ISO or vice versa.

With the H pattern, familiar to experienced Case operators, the operator uses the left-hand control to operate the left drive motor as well as to raise and lower the loader arms.

The right-hand controller is used to operate the right drive motor and the bucket curl and dump. The fact that the H pattern gives the operator independent control of the ground drives allows the operator to position the machine with greater precision. This is especially helpful when performing tasks such as fine grading.

With the ISO pattern, the drive functions are in the left controller, and the loader arm/bucket functions are in the right controller. This allows for one-handed operation.

Optional extras

A variety of options are available for all models, including an optional pressurised cab with air conditioning on all models, ride control, two speed ground drive, hydraulic self levelling and high flow hydraulics.

The 450 and 465 are also available with a 310 bar (4,500psi) high flow kit that provides all the hydraulic horsepower required to run a one metre wide cold planer or any other attachment requiring high hydraulic horsepower.