Geelong-based excavation business, DirectBor trusts and uses only the Case brand of excavators for all of their projects. Owners and operators, brothers Aaron and Mark Finch and father Paul, have 57 years of combined experience in the excavating game, and have only used Case construction equipment for their work.

DirectBor manages underground asset installation processes and related works including basic trench excavation and pole-to-pit installations, under river boring and large-scale town and subdivision infrastructure work.

Paul began using Case equipment over 40 years ago, and continues to trust the brand. The operation uses a number of Case machines, but they take pride in the CX50B mini excavator.

Aaron has a tilt hitch attached to his CX50 mini excavator for applications likely to encounter large rocks, and also has attachments for horizontal drilling. The CX50 sets the standard for digging power with its well-sized boom and arm for a wider operating range as well as a rectangular cab design offering more room and visibility.

From a comfort perspective, the 20 per cent wider cab and optimised control layout allow easy operation, satisfying even the most demanding operators. Aaron says he usually spends 4-5 hours a day in the machine but does not feel tired even after a long, hard day because the cabin is so comfortable. The excellent visibility from the cab also increases the safety factor.

According to Aaron, the business usually turns over their machines after about 1000 hours to get a better trade-in; however, with the Case machines, they have been keeping them for up to 3000 hours.