Termiflor, an innovative new termite resistant particleboard flooring product, is being released by woodlogic to be used in conjunction with the company’s LOSP H2 treated timber framing system for added protection against termite attack.

Termiflor is the result of many months of planning and research to develop a resin with an in-built resistance to termites and other problem insects. It is being released at a time when research conducted by Archicentre on the national termite problem shows that the average infestation requiring treatment will cost about $1500 and the subsequent damage repair bill will amount to around $5000.

“Selecting termite treated flooring over general purpose particleboard flooring will represent a price premium of just 10 percent, which is inconsequential when compared to the value of the home as an investment,” says Nick Stabback, woodlogic’s marketing manager.

Source: Building Products News.