Carter Holt Harvey  recently released a new product as part of their wood panels products range – fire-resistant, environmentally sustainable ARREIS® FR MDF. ARREIS FR MDF panels are Group 1, flame-retardant, medium density Fibreboard (MDF) panels, precision-milled from 100% recycled wood waste. ARREIS FR MDF panels also boast a formaldehyde-free adhesive system, so it also has extremely low VOC emissions. ARREIS FR MDF panels can be supplied FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified upon request and can earn up to 4 Green Star Rating points.                                                     

ARREIS FR MDF panels have a low flame spread and smoke development rate thanks to the retardant additive being blended with the fibre throughout the panel, and meets the Group 1 Specification A2.4 C1.10 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for heat and smoke release and ignitability. Other Carter Holt Harvey MDF panel products are Group 3.

Features of ARREIS FR MDF panels include:

  • Group 1 Specifications A2.4 C1.10 section 3 (c ) of the Building Code of Australia and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3837:1998 at 50-kW/m2 at the CSIRO Division of Material Science and Engineering
  • 100% recycled wood fibre
  • FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified panels available on request
  • F 4 star low formaldehyde emission (F4Star under JIS A 5905:2003)
  • Developers can earn up to an additional 4 Green Star Rating points
  • Sheet sizes of 1245 x 2465 mm in 6, 9, 12, 16, 18 and 25 mm thicknesses  
ARREIS FR MDF panels are as easy to work with as regular Customwood MDF, and can be cut, drilled and routed cleanly without splintering or chipping with standard wood working tools. ARREIS FR MDF panels meet all the BCA fire hazard requirements to specification A2.4 and is ideal for use in commercial and public buildings where cement, steel and specialty grades of fire rated plasterboard are normally specified.  

Applications for ARREIS FR MDF panels are diverse and include wall and ceiling linings, display panels, acoustic panels, door components and counter tops. ARREIS FR MDF panels are suitable for use in Class 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9a, 9b, 9c buildings such as schools, libraries hospitals, theatres, offices, aged-care facilities, classrooms and other public spaces like art galleries and museums. ARREIS FR MDF panels are also suitable for public corridors, fire exits, and lift cars where sprinklers are not used.