Futurebuild  has taken a look at changing trends in building design with regards to floor joists and has taken all the benefits of its lightweight I-joist Hybeam further to produce the new Hyjoist ‘options range’.

This range, much expanded and more economical, will now supersede Hybeam as the joist of choice – now offering proven performance with a wider range of options for more flexible design.

According to Michael Murphy, technical manager of futurebuild, Hyjoist involved a complete re-engineering of the Hybeam range in order to provide more options in floor design. The new Hyjoist range features 10 section sizes with three sections available for the key floor depths of 240 and 300 mm where a larger span range is sought. The range also introduces economy joists in depths 240, 300 and 360 mm and now boasts a 400 mm deep section.

Floor designers can now simply select from the economy sections in a depth that will accommodate the spans of the main area of the floor. Any larger spans are easily achieved using the wider flange options of the same depth to complete an economical floor joist layout.

“These exciting design options give the specifier greater flexibility allowing a floor joist layout to be tailored for each individual floor design,” Murphy says.

All the familiar features and advantages are still there in the new Hyjoist range – these include H2-S termite ‘protection to the core’; the same straight and true characteristics; production certification by the PAA for peace of mind; experienced engineering support; ‘on-the-ground’ specialist technical representatives and the same comprehensive distribution and availability.

More choice, more flexibility – the new Hyjoist ‘options range’ means a new freedom in floor design and construction, says futurebuild.