Hyspan is a continuous laminated veneer lumber product, offered by Futurebuild. It is an ideal structural building material. Hyspan can be used for commercial, housing and industrial applications.

Futurebuild's Hyspan is applied in floor joists, roof beams, and strutting beams. Hyspan is available in standard thicknesses of 36mm, 45mm, 63mm and 75mm, with width sizes ranging from 95mm – 600mm.

Hyspan H2-S is a treated version of Hyspan which offers effective and safe protection against termites in areas of Australia that lie south of the Tropic of Capricorn. 

Hyspan is lightweight, dimensionally stable, easy to handle, cost effective and made from 100% plantation pine.

Hyplank is a scaffolding plank that can be used to replace timber throughout the industry. Hyplank is used where corrosion of metal planks is a problem. Hyplank is lightweight and versatile. It is made from 100% plantation pine and is long lasting.