Futurebuild  Hyjoist Engineered I-Joists are light weight joist layouts which are exclusively used in commercial and residential construction. Hyjoist is strong, light and can easily to install. The new Hyjoist range offers more options for designing economical floor joist layouts. Hyjoist offers protection against termites.
Hyjoist has a unique H2-S treatment that is applied to the glue line during manufacture in order to achieve full penetration of the joists, from surface to core. Features of Hyjoist include a long length of up to 13.2 metres, fast installation, low labour requirements, straightness, uniformity, dimensional stability, and H2-S termite protection.

Hychord LVL Truss Chords is a new LVL truss fabrication material for high load applications. Hychord helps designers utilise the predicted deflection performance and apply the right amount of camber to ensure flat ceilings and a no 'dips or bumps' roof line. It offers reliable strength and is made from 100% plantation pine. It is straight and true for ease of fabrication.