DesignIT series 3 software, from Futurebuild , now contains the Hyjoist Options Range with its three flange widths and ten section sizes. It allows all specifiers to design more economical floor joist layouts to help meet budget or make more on a job.

As Michael Murphy, Technical Manager Carter Holt Harvey puts it, “One size does not fit all, you can simply get more from the Hyjoist Options Range using designIT series 3. It gives you more speed and efficiency.”

The designIT series 3 Floor Joist Calculator is an easy to use, quick and efficient way to size floor joists and take advantage of the Hyjoist Options Range. With up to three Hyjoist sections in each common floor depth covering off a wider range of spans, builders and specifiers can use the calculator to quickly design the combination of sections needed to produce the most economical layout to meet their floor performance requirements.

DesignIT series 3 Floor Joist Calculator additional features:

• Design for actual load and support conditions

• Position and check web holes for services

• Design cantilevered joists

• Specify hangers and their fixing to support beams

A software tool for ALL building practitioners:

• Easy to use and understand

• Uses familiar building concepts and terms

• No manuals to read

• No engineering knowledge required

Other new software features:

• More installation details

• Better functionality and presentation

• Improved Design Certificate