Timber continues to be a preferred material in interior design for its ability to add a warm and natural vibe to any space. A recent trend is seeing an increased use of timber in the design of bathrooms along with living spaces.

Award-winning Caroma industrial designer Luke Di Michiel discusses the use of timber in bathroom design.

The trend

The incorporation of timber elements within the bathroom environment is part of a larger global trend where bathrooms are no longer seen as purely functional spaces but increasingly becoming extensions of our household living areas.

What it looks like

As a result of this shift, elements and materials not traditionally associated with bathrooms are increasingly finding their place within bathroom spaces. Natural materials such as marble and timber, combined with the ever-increasing variety of material finishes such as brass and gunmetal are great at creating a consistent experience throughout the home, borrowing elements from one space and linking them to another. This material mix, combined with the increasing use of colour is also changing the emotive effect within the bathroom – as we increasingly look to our bathrooms as spaces for personal relaxation and expression.

How we interpret it

With its huge variety of species, finishes and applications, timber is the perfect medium for self-expression and has established itself as a key bathroom element.

From an Australian perspective we naturally connect ideas of relaxation, rejuvenation and escapism to our natural environment, making timber the ideal medium for creating the ultimate bathroom sanctuary.

At Caroma, we’re proud to create our bathroom collections with sustainability in mind. We ensure that all our timber is locally grown and sustainably sourced, before it’s passionately crafted – it really is a true celebration of Australia’s natural environment.

The Caroma Elvire Collection

Launched in September 2019, Elvire is Caroma’s most high-end bathroom collection. Elvire is inspired by the unique nature and wilderness of Australia. The intent was to translate and bring the Australian environment into a bathroom space. The result is a stunning and truly unique collection, targeted at the discerning consumer who seeks the very best luxury bathroom experience. Particularly notable to this collection are the unique Tasmanian timber accents including tap handles and toilet flush buttons.

The carefully curated Elvire Collection features sustainably sourced Tasmanian timbers with sophisticated gunmetal finishes to create a unique collection that is grounded in practical, functional and sustainable design principles.