Caroma Elvire bathroom collection was chosen by owners Glenda and Brett Green during the renovation of their Wahroonga home primarily for its rustic Australian timber look. However, the timber feature not only connects the bathrooms but is also used as a design concept in other parts of the house.

Named Gleniffer, the house has four full bathrooms and two guest toilets over two different floors. Each bathroom features Caroma’s award-winning Elvire bathroom range.

In this Q & A, Glenda and Brett share their expectations, design inspiration and challenges during the renovation, and explain why they chose Caroma products.

What were the key features you wanted for the new bathroom?

We wanted space to be able to move between the functional elements of a bathroom but no wasted walking. Logical flow and a feel-good factor were important, such that one would want to use the space, and feel good before, during and after.

How did you collect your inspiration?

The tone and style of the house determined our choice of fittings. We wanted something that was classic but not dull, that would enhance the style of the home’s architecture, and add a sense of class to our renovation – a statement piece.

How would you describe the look of your new bathroom?

Classic but modern, stylish, and classy. A little bit different but unlikely to date too quickly.

Where have Caroma products been used? Why were these products chosen?

To continue the timber feature throughout the home we selected the Caroma Elvire collection to be used in all the bathrooms in the home. Each bathroom was unique but also linked to the other bathrooms. Each of the bathrooms connects but has its own individual touch. What was initially chosen for its rustic Australian timber look as a range in our bathrooms, evolved into a concept that assisted us in other choices of complementary products in other areas of the home, inside and out.

What was your biggest restriction? How did you overcome it?

Space and size were already determined for us for each bathroom because we were renovating an existing home. Plumbing locations were already determined in the floors of each bathroom and window location. This meant we had to work hard to create a good spacious feel to each bathroom, but also be mindful of the function, so it flowed well.

What do you love most about your new bathroom?

The neat and clean lines of the spaces, and the ease of cleaning.

What are your top three pieces of advice before starting your bathroom renovation?

  1. Decide what the style of your home is and ensure your bathroom fitting choices are consistent with that style.
  2. Ensure the bathrooms link in some way in their style (if there is more than one).
  3. Think of the overall layout, and the detail before you start stripping things out – you only get one chance to get it right in floors and walls – don’t rush it and don’t be embarrassed to ask your tradies the detail before they make the choice for you unbeknownst to you – it is your bathroom for a long time to come.

Caroma products used:

  • Elvire 400 Inset Basin
  • Elvire 400 Wall Basin - Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Elvire Cleanflush Invisi Series II Wall Hung Toilet Suite
  • Elvire Freestanding Bath 1700
  • Elvire Hand Towel Rail 300mm with Shelf
  • Elvire Invisi Series II Round Dual Flush Plate & Buttons
  • Elvire Progressive Freestanding Bath Filler
  • Elvire Progressive Wall Basin Mixer