Caroma  has introduced the ninth edition Caroma Plumbers’ Handbook - free for plumbers from September 2008.

This comprehensive, practical and portable product and technical guide, assists plumbers on-site with both domestic and commercial installations.

The Caroma Plumbers’ Handbook has been completely updated and expanded over previous issues to include more technical and installation information, to assist the industry when specifying and installing Caroma products.

The handbook covers all products in the toilet suite, basin, bath, urinal and accessories ranges along with spares.

It is also presented in a new look, pocket-sized spiral book with a durable polyprop cover.

Designed to be practical and convenient, the handbook is user friendly and intends to simplify the specification process for Caroma products using a number of simple, good practice installation guides and recommendations.

Featuring over 400 pages of useful information, all Caroma products are indexed and classified in an easy to follow category system.

The handbook contains technical information, product codes, design notes and diagrams for clarification, plus the advanced technical product changes.

Tony Rusten, General Manager Marketing at Caroma Dorf said, “The Caroma Plumbers’ Handbook is a unique information resource full of essential product and technical information for plumbers. It works as a national guideline for installing Caroma products across domestic and commercial applications.”

He added, “Our Research and Design team have responded to market feedback and invested a lot of time and effort to provide product, technical and installation information in the format that suits the plumber and that is quick and easy to access.”