Continuing on from last week’s tips on planning a bathroom, Caroma also offers tips on planning the bathroom layout, and choosing the right fittings and fixtures.

Tiles are the top choice for bathrooms these days. They offer a fresh, hygienic option with a variety of decorative potential. Often used on floors and walls, the tiles set the tone for the entire bathroom. There is almost a limitless range of tiles to choose from nowadays, from different colours, shapes, sizes and materials. Research and shop around for the perfect tiles, and don’t forget to add them to your bathroom planner.

Top tips for choosing a tile for the bathroom:

  • consider ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or glass
  • neutral colours are timeless, medium shades warm up the room
  • accent tiles add a splash of colour and vibrancy.
The choice of vanity depends on the size of the bathroom and family, as well as the number of bathrooms in a home. A vanity unit should go hand-in-hand with tapware, it’s important these two elements match visually and practically.

Key things to look out for when choosing a vanity: 

  • wall basins with pedestal or shroud are ideal for small bathrooms
  • semi-recessed or above-counter basins allow extra storage space
  • multiple basins are ideal for multiple users and add a sense of luxury.
Tapware can be a relatively low cost option that can make a bathroom sparkle and improve the overall look of the room. Options include three piece sets consisting of an outlet and two taps, or mixers which allow flow and temperature control to be adjusted easily.

Caroma research indicates that when it comes to bathroom tapware, consistency is the key. Aim to create the look of a suite within this space – everything from the basin to the shower and bath should match.

What to look out for with tapware:

  • basin tapware should set the style for all other tapware
  • mixers allow excellent water flow and temperature control.
Baths occupy a large amount of space in the bathroom, but for those with plenty of room, today’s trend is large and luxurious tubs designed for indulgence. A jetted bath creates a spa experience, while large soaking tubs are great for relaxation. If space is an issue, the bath still needs to be big enough to be comfortable – consider a corner tub as an alternative.

When choosing a bath:

  • choose the bath shape and size perfect for your space
  • from large and luxurious to jetted corner baths, the trend is indulgence
  • ensure taps – wall or tub mounted are easy to reach.
Showers are more for just getting clean now, they are all about relaxation, comfort and using water to rejuvenate. It should be customised to suit your needs. A traditional stall remains popular, but many are starting to incorporate showers for two and open plan without doors. While look is important, performance impacts comfort and convenience. High quality aerators ensure that Caroma showers deliver the best possible spray pattern for maximum coverage in the shower.

Popular shower varieties include the following: 

  • showers on rail
  • hand showers
  • fixed showers
  • rain showers.
While the toilet remains a utilitarian fixture in the bathroom, its design has certainly stepped up with plenty of styles, shapes and sizes now available. Compact wall-hung and in-wall European inspired toilets are becoming popular because of the sleek, contemporary look.

The Caroma Invisi™ Series II range is a great example of toilet suites where the plumbing and cistern are cleverly concealed behind the wall for an integrated streamlined look that saves space in your bathroom.

If wanting to optimise water usage, consider a dual flush or low flush toilet. Low flush toilets use significantly less water per flush. The innovative Smartflush® toilet suites exclusive to Caroma and Fowler reduce the full flush water requirement down to just 4.5 litres helping the average home save up to 35,000 litres of water per year compared to a 11L single flush toilet suite.

When choosing a toilet:

  • choose from toilet suites, space-saving wall-faced or streamlined wall-hung styles
  • dual or low flush toilets optimise water usage, therefore savings
  • award-winning Caroma and Fowler Smartflush® technology reduces a full flush to just 4.5 litres.
Accessories are a great way to personalise a bathroom. From towel rails or rings, toilet roll holders and soap dishes, there are many options to complement the choice of tapware.

Caroma tapware ranges offer a selection of matching accessories to help complete the look of a bathroom. Using ‘My Caroma’ makes it easy to choose accessories for a bathroom.

Accessories can add warmth and comfort, such as fog-free mirror, heated towel racks and underfoot heating systems, which are perfect on a cold morning.

Entertainment is even working its way into a bathroom, such as televisions and MP3 players. Furniture, greenery and art also have a part to play as they can turn a bathroom into a living pace.

When it comes to the bathroom, anything goes, but consider these tips to beautify the space:

  • towel rails or rings, toilet-roll holders and soap dishes should suit tapware
  • TVs, MP3 players, furniture, plants and art turn bathrooms into living spaces.