The latest version of the popular Caroma Plumbers’ Handbook App now comes with new and enhanced features to assist plumbers on-site.

The practical and portable product technical guide now includes additional brands, providing a more comprehensive source of information. The brands cover Caroma, Caroma Marc Newson, Fowler, Dorf and Stylus.

Featuring an updated logical and easy-to-use interface, the app is designed to assist plumbers on-site with both domestic and commercial installations. New features in the Caroma Plumbers’ Handbook App aim to further simplify the installation and specification process of Caroma bathroom products, while also providing easier-to-read product information including images, features, codes and extra technical drawings.

The App also incorporates an advanced, multi-field search function for easier navigation and search of the perfect bathroom solution. Users can search by size, style, location and trap type or set out dimensions.

Videos are also provided demonstrating the installation process for a range of products including the new Caroma Uni-Orbital Connector and Dorf Surefit. A valuable UOM calculator easily converts a multitude of units of measurement including length, mass, volume and area, amongst others.

Digital Manager at Caroma, Mr Joshua Mammoliti explains the Caroma Plumbers’ Handbook App is a unique information resource full of essential product and technical details for plumbers. He adds that the increased level of information, practical tools and informative videos make the new version of the app an even more indispensable resource for plumbers to get all the support and information they need right at their fingertips.

The Caroma Plumbers’ Handbook App is free to download on any smartphone or tablet from the ITunes Store or Google Play, or by visiting the Caroma website.