Internationally renowned architect, Ian Moore has showcased his latest project, ‘The Ian Moore Designer Bathroom Series’, created in conjunction with Australian bathroom manufacturers Caroma Dorf, represented by Caroma Industries .

The bathroom series by Ian Moore reflects his track record for producing stylish commercial and residential designs, incorporating an austere minimalist approach and utilising state of the art products by Caroma Dorf.

The series comprises five bathrooms designed to reflect typical situations, including a Caroma luxury bathroom, a commercial bathroom, an apartment bathroom, a Fowler prestige bathroom, and a care bathroom.

The signature bathroom series for Caroma Dorf is a development of a bathroom system first designed over 20 years ago. The system has been constantly refined over that period in both single houses and a number of large scale residential apartment developments.

Ian Moore’s overall design principle and inspiration for the bathroom series was to create a spatial expansion through the use of efficient, uncluttered, space planning. The use of wall hung vanities with under counter basins and concealed cistern toilet suites from the new Caroma Invisi Series II and Fowler Icon Series II ranges allow the bathroom space to feel larger. Combined with end walls of glass looking onto a framed view or landscaped courtyard, the space is further extended.

All materials utilised for the series are interchangeable without altering the basic detailing. Simple colours were added, resulting in a striking, uncomplicated look. The precise use of mirrors and reflective surfaces counter any space constraints of the bathroom.

As in all of Ian’s architectural projects, there is no differentiation between the most luxurious and the most utilitarian design. In terms of material and detail, they are all treated equally, with scale being the only difference. Caroma Dorf products have been chosen so that they can be matched with other product ranges designed by the company. For example, the Caroma Cube toilet suite and basin ranges can be used to compliment the Caroma Liano tapware and accessory range as they both feature square and rectangular forms.

Adequate storage was central to reduce visual clutter and a false wall has been created to conceal mirrored door cabinets above the basins and toilets, while also concealing toilet cisterns and plumbing.