Caroma recently introduced the Cirrus range of mixer taps, all uniquely designed with excellent water efficiency ratings.

The comprehensive range offers builders, the design community and other customers, the selection of a basin mixer, wall basin mixer, gooseneck kitchen sink mixer, bath and shower mixer with or without diverter as well as a laundry mixer.

All Cirrus models feature a unique loop handle design for easy grip and function, as well as a 35mm cartridge for smooth precision handle movement and water flow control. Additionally, all Cirrus mixer taps feature built in silicon aerators for easy cleaning and to reduce lime build up.

Caroma have packaged the Cirrus laundry and shower mixers as individual sets for easier transactions. The laundry fit-out set contains a laundry mixer and washing machine tap, and the shower set consists of a bath and shower mixer and shower outlet.

The Cirrus basin mixer taps feature and the ergonomic loop handles of the bath and shower mixers blend seamlessly with the rounded back plate of the basins. In contrast, the Cirrus kitchen sink mixer taps utilise the stylish gooseneck shape with a swivel outlet, for kitchen elegance and functionality.

As a leader in water efficiency, the Caroma Cirrus basin mixer carries a WELS 5-Star rating, while the kitchen and laundry mixers carry a 4-star WELS rating. The shower set carries a WELS 3-Star rating.