Revolutionising operational performance and water savings, the Caroma Cube 0.8L Smartflush Urinal is the first to achieve the maximum 6 Star WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme) rating for water conservation.

It’s the combination of Caroma’s unique flushing system and high-efficiency waste trap technology that allows the Cube 0.8L Smartflush urinal to operate using an ultra-low flush volume.

The Smart demand urine sensing operation with integrated smart logic system detects the urinal is in use and activates the electronic flush valve relative to usage volume accordingly, eliminating accidental activation and water wastage. Stadium Mode adjusts the flush automatically in peak periods and high traffic areas, perfect for stadiums, conference centres, airports, and theatres.

“Caroma is dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry needs with our new ultra low flush urinal technology,” said Caroma Research and Design Manager, Dr Steve Cummings. “By integrating Smartflush and Smart Demand Technology with superior hydraulic design and performance, we have created Australia’s most technically advanced flush system.”

The Caroma Cube 0.8L Smartflush Urinal’s innovative design means you use 60% less water compared to standard 2L single stall urinals, 80% less water compared to a 2 stall urinal using more than 4L per flush, and almost 90% less water compared to urinals using 7.5L per flush. This makes the Caroma Cube 0.8L Smartflush Urinal the logical specification for projects where water savings and conservation are a priority.

The Cube 0.8L Smartflush Urinal’s concealed components promote easy cleaning and a reduced risk of vandalism, while totally hands-free operation also ensures optimum hygiene performance and aesthetics. A complete, easy-to-install solution with an electronic sensor pre-fitted and ready for connection means there is no need to install an electronic activation device or adjust sensors on site. The electronic flush valve incorporates an integral air break system that allows for direct connection of the urinal to the mains water supply.

The Cube 0.8L Smartflush Urinal offers significant water savings and serious style.

Caroma are committed to water saving innovation and will continue to invest significantly in research and development programs that ensure we are able to deliver the most advanced water saving solutions both in Australia and internationally.