With over 75 years of experience, we believe quality bathrooms are a balance of form, function and looks. Our designs and innovation bring to life a guiding vision of creating sustainable luxury. Design that enables you to enjoy bathroom experiences that both complement and elevate your lifestyle, from an energising morning start to an indulgent, relaxing moment of luxury, all underpinned by sustainability.

Designing for Australians and New Zealanders, from all walks of life, with different tastes and needs; we have a wide range of classic to artisanal styles, smart designs and sustainable innovations providing you with everything you need to create the sanctuary of your dreams.

Caroma has always delivered luxury experiences in the bathroom underpinned by sustainable design and innovation. Caroma is split into 4 sub brands, each representing their own sustainable luxury experience.


Caroma Classic is our most popular and affordable range of bathroom products. Loved by Australians for its proven reputation of high-quality construction, durability and longevity, these designs have become classics in homes across the country.

The Classic collection brings everyday luxury experiences through classic styles and functional design for people seeking DIY and good value bathroom products. So, you can create the sanctuary of your dreams without compromise.


Inspired by the emerging fashion of modern Australia, our Caroma Vogue Collection
represents the best of Caroma’s leadership in bathroom design and is sure to make a
statement in any home.

Creating your own home has always been part of the Australian dream; the opportunity to design a unique space that both complements and elevates your individual style. The Caroma Vogue Collection will provide you the freedom to create your dream bathroom; one that enables an experience of personal luxury through customising key design elements.

The collection proudly represents fashionable Australian styles, made from the highest quality materials and incorporates the latest in sustainable innovations.


Caroma Artisan represents the pinnacle of over 75 years of master craftsmanship in bathroom design. The range features distinct bespoke solutions delivering an experience of unsurpassable luxury. At the leading edge of global bathroom design, this Artisan range encapsulates the best of modern Australian ingenuity and innovation.

Caroma Artisan marks a new benchmark in bathroom luxury with its unique combination of intuitive design and beautiful aesthetics.


Our Caroma LiveWell Collection specialises in providing beautiful designs which enhance the wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders who need a little extra assistance in the bathroom. We understand that bathroom design is an important factor in promoting independency in the home for longer and our industrial designers have worked closely with health and aged care experts to create this comprehensive range of products, designed to deliver innovative solutions that surpass industry standards.

Designed with practicality at the core, our trusted LiveWell Collection enables comfortable living at every stage of life. LiveWell includes a versatile range of styles that enable you to create a unique space that both complements and elevates one’s lifestyle.

So, whether your next bathroom experience is an energising morning start or an indulgent moment of relaxation, enjoy a bathroom that is an expression of your personal style and values; with the reassurance of our sustainable approach to Australia and New Zealand’s water resources and
environment. Caroma has everything you need to create the sanctuary of your dreams.