In partnership with Caroma Dorf, Accor’s Hotel Formule 1 Campbelltown, New South Wales recently implemented a retrofit program in its 72 bathrooms to help to reduce water use and associated costs.

With toilets accounting for a significant amount of water use in hotels, the retrofit of the inefficient toilets in the Formule 1 Hotel’s bathrooms was a key focus for improving environmental efforts.

After conducting a fixtures audit, Caroma Dorf and City Link Plumbing assisted the Hotel in choosing the best product option to replace its old single flush toilets which were using around 9 to 11 litres of water per flush. Caroma Smartflush Invisi Series II toilet suites, recently recognised with an
Australian International Design Award in the Housing and Building category, were chosen as the replacement option.

The Invisi Series II cisterns were successfully installed in the hotel, reducing water usage to 4.5 litres of water for a full flush and three litres for a half flush.

With the retrofit now complete, checks undertaken through the building’s water meters indicated overall water consumption has been reduced by at least 20 kilolitres of water per day. This translates into annual water savings of around seven million litres. The water savings will also lead to a considerable reduction in water bills for the corresponding period.

Caroma Dorf’s customised retrofit programs are a cost-effective option for companies keen to fulfil their sustainability obligations by reducing water consumption and wastage, while also delivering excellent cost savings.

Caroma Dorf launched the initiative in anticipation of Federal and State Governments imposing greater regulations on the private sector for the reduction of water usage, as well as greenhouse gases.

The retrofit programs are delivered through a partnership between Caroma Dorf and the building owner, with the team consulting on all aspects of the program, including the selection of the most water efficient bathroom products. Products are specified to assist achieve water savings targets without compromising on functionality or style.