Caroma Cleanflush® is a unique rimless design that delivers the next generation of toilet innovation. Our patented flow balancing technology is poised to become the new standard in modern toilets. 

With over 75 years of experience, we are leaders in Australia and New Zealand design and innovation on the global stage. Amongst our many water conserving successes are the first Smartflush and later Dual Flush toilets. Our latest evolution of the toilet is Caroma Cleanflush®, which represents the next generation of modern toilets - easier to clean and delivers superior hygiene. 

Caroma Cleanflush® technology is available in a wide variety of designs and styles to suit any bathroom design, with the reassurance of a reduced footprint on the Australian environment.
Caroma Care Cleanflush® toilet suites are available in ambulant and accessible options and are ideal for hospital, aged care and commercial applications where the absolute highest levels of rapid cleaning and hygiene are required. 

The Caroma Care 800 Cleanflush suite is an accessible compliant suite, available in invisi or closed coupled options, with an easy height pan with increased projection and an optional backrest, specifically designed to provide extra support for people with disabilities and applications requiring compliance to AS1428.1 Amd.1 Design for Access and Mobility.

The Caroma Care 660 Cleanflush suite is an ambulant compliant suite, offering an easy height, elevated pan with extra projections for easy transfer, and the option of nurse call armrests, making the AS1428.1-2009 ambulant compliant suite a great option for those with limited mobility.

The Caroma Care 610 Cleanflush connector suite is a versatile suite available in ambulant or accessible compliant options. The easy height pan enables easy transfer; with the option of a backrest, making the suite a modern and cost-effective solution designed in accordance with AS1428.1-2009 Amd.1 Access and Mobility requirements. The Care 610 is an ideal replacement of older style connector suites, while providing the added hygiene and cleaning benefits of a Cleanflush rimless flushing system.

Extending hygiene beyond Cleanflush rimless Care suites with Caroma’s care range, Care 500 and Care 600 basins are great options for hospital, aged care and commercial applications to meet hygiene requirements.

Caroma’s Care 500 wall basin is specifically designed to meet Type C hospital requirements for non-clinical basins, and is recommended for general hand washing by staff and patients as well as in public amenities.

The Care 500 is compatible with a range of care and hospital specific tapware, while meeting AS1428.1-2009 Amd.1 requirements. The optimal basin waste and tapware landing projections reduce potential splashing caused by the water stream flowing directly into the basin waste, making the basin ideal for infection and hygiene management.

Features such as the fully integrated vitreous china shroud and tamper-resistant fittings enhance security and eliminate potential contraband storage, increasing the wall basin’s suitability for institutional applications. The highly functional design does not compromise on style.

Caroma’s Care 600 wall basins are compatible with a range of care and hospital specific tapware while meeting AS1428.1:2009 Amd.1 requirements. 

Recommended for installation in hospital and health facilities, and commercial bathrooms where accessibility and management of infection and hygiene are vital design considerations, the Care 600 wall basin features optimal basin waste and tapware landing projections that reduce the potential spread of aerosols caused by the water stream from the tapware flowing directly into the basin waste.

Key design features of Caroma’s Care 600 wall basins include rimmed edge detail and specially designed internal gradients on all inside surfaces to ensure effective surface run off; deep 140mm bowl depth and integrated anti-splash rim to minimise splashing; fully integrated vitreous china shroud eliminating potential contraband storage; and basin and shroud also fully glazed with smooth, seamless appearance for easier cleaning and increased hygiene control. 

Dr Steve Cummings, Research and Development Manager at Caroma explains that the Care 600 wall basin is the result of extensive ongoing research and commitment into providing innovative healthcare solutions with the highest possible standard in function, efficiency, hygiene and safety.

Caroma Care Cleanflush suites and Care basins are complemented by Caroma’s extensive range of care and compliant bathroom ware products including tapware, grab rails, backrests, armrests and various bathroom accessories.