Caredesign Specialist Interiors  offers an innovatively-designed range of height-adjustable wash basins designed for people with impaired mobility.  

Simple everyday tasks such as washing hands or shaving can be difficult for people with restricted mobility especially when the height of the basin limits their ability to use it.     

Disabled people, wheelchair users and children may not find the height of regular washbasins user-friendly.   

Believing that impaired mobility need not necessarily limit a person’s lifestyle, Caredesign has introduced an innovative range of height-adjustable wash basins to make it easier for persons of any height or disability to use them conveniently.   

The durable, height-adjustable basin package allows for frequent adjustments with minimal effort. Its bracket employs a counterbalanced method of adjustment and is operated using a simple hand control lever.   

The disabled-friendly basins can be powered by electric motor or gas cylinder and even manoeuvred manually. Caredesign’s new wash basins find use in hospitals and residential homes.   

Caredesign specialises in adaptable work and living solutions designed to improve the quality of life by maximising an individual’s independence, dignity, safety and comfort.