As a leading provider of innovative and flexible independent living solutions, Caredesign  introduce a range of height-adjustable lift mechanisms from Enware Australia Pty Ltd.

This range of lifting mechanisms for worktops, kitchens and wall cupboards has been designed to provide users with independence, comfort and safety, while meeting their every changing needs.

The range is available as a wall-mounted or freestanding system with a choice of either an electrical or manual operation and are ideal for use in kitchens where users are self reliant without support from helpers.

Caredesign's lifting mechanisms have been used in education facilities, including school science labs and technical or university training facilities. They are also ideal for use in kitchens, in child care facilities and hospitals. The height-adjustable systems are often used for rehabilitation wards for assessment or training, as well as nurse stations.

The lift mechanisms suit most standard kitchen components or work environments and can be installed with a new design or when retrofitting an existing kitchen or work area.