A Cardiffair Natural Cooling system creates fresh air movement through open windows and doors for summer comfort, while at the same time protecting our environment.

In a domestic home, the fan unit is installed in the roof space, bringing in the fresh air from outside, sweeping the floor, walls and ceiling of hot air, odours, and germs and discharging them back into the atmosphere.

The louver panel - of high quality powder coated aluminium that won't rattle or buckle - is fitted into the ceiling under the fan unit and opens to allow stale air to pass through the roof cavity on its way outside, via relief vents installed in the eaves. When the fan system is turned off, the louver closes and tightly seals.

There is no better air for our health than moving air. With summer temperatures climbing up to 60 degrees C inside the roof space, a Cardiffair system constantly moving that air leaves no time for the heat to build up. So the temperature difference between inside-roof-space and inside-home is only a degree or two instead of 10 to 20 degrees C.

Commercial and industrial installations are somewhat different to domestic installations, in that they are generally more open and often without ceilings. They also contain fumes, vapour and dust. Despite the differences, the concept of air movement and ventilation is the same.

Cardiffair's Green Smart qualification and membership of the Housing Industry Association gives them the opportunity to advise and help clients on smart energy usage and environmentally friendly alternatives when building or modifying their homes.

For more than 30 years Cardiffair has been supplying comfortable and healthy environments for families, children, aged persons, and employees. It also provides ventilation solutions for builders, architects, construction and design companies. Its owners and employees include draftspersons, Housing Industry Association Green Smart qualified persons, qualified builders and electricians.

Its systems are supplied after personal consultation and inspection of premises. Inspection is totally free and without obligation and designed to suit each individual situation. For your safety and peace of mind any modifications and alterations needed to be carried out are engineer approved and only installed by qualified electricians and builders.