Carbolite  polycarbonate awnings, available from Carbolite, are translucent, twin walled polycarbonate sheets which have unique solar properties. The polycarbonate awnings have the capacity to withstand nature’s harsh elements.

The Carbolite polycarbonate awnings are available in an extensive range of designs to cater for all types of installations. The range of Carbolite polycarbonate awnings includes flat window awnings, bullnose window awnings, 1/2 domed awnings, barrel vault awnings, pitched/gable roofs and cantilevered awnings.

The flat window awnings are simple in form. One needs to simply attach the read weather bar fixing channel and the awning automatically clips into place. The flat window awning systems allow a waterproof channel as its attachment. These awnings can be used to protect windows and doors or simply to add a fascia look to a house.

The contemporary bullnose window awnings are one of the popular designs and compliments most Australian houses. These awnings are available in a set 380 millimetres radius. The awnings can be easily installed on site.
The 1/2 domed awnings are fabric style awnings and are suitable for cafes and outdoor entertaining areas.

These awnings can be installed on site at various angles, and the frames can be powder coated in most colours.
In barrel vault or domed awnings, all sheets are cold formed on site to the radius specified. The cantilevered awnings are suitable for areas where posts present an obstruction. All cantilevered awnings are made to engineer specifications. The frames are available in most powder coat colours.

The pitched or gabled roof from Carbolite suits contemporary design houses. The awnings are fixed off the fascia board with the help of specially designed welded fascia brackets. This improves airflow and allows drainage back into the existing gutters. Trusses are made of aluminium and can be powder coated in various colours.