Carbolite  supply a wide range of Koorlite patio cover systems which includes the Sun Control, Standard Tints and Clear ranges. Koorlite patio cover systems are a range of translucent heat reflecting colours. Innumerable tiny mirrors are embedded in each polycarbonate sheet to give a metallic appearance.

The patio cover systems offer 99 percent protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. They have around 200 times the impact resistance of standard glass and look attractive. As light passes through the spaces surrounding the particles, light is transmitted in various angles diffusing and softening the available light. This helps in reducing glare and prevents the sunglass effect produced by standard colour sheets.

The patio cover systems are available in colours such as Solar Ice, Solar Metal, Solar Sage and Solar Bronze. They are made specifically to provide greater heat reduction.

The Standard Tints patio cover systems are available in grey, bronze, cream and green colours. They are designed for areas that require minimum heat reflection, but maximum light transmission.

The Clear patio cover systems are made specifically for areas which receive little sunlight. The Clear patio cover systems help in creating a hot house in sunlit areas.

Carbolite place emphasise on selecting the right type of sheet while choosing an awning, since some particular sheet lets in plenty of light and can create a lot of heat. Carbolite offer sheets that are available in clear, bronze, grey, cream, green, solar metal, solar ice, solar brown and solar sage colours.