Capral Aluminium presents The Apartment Collection, a complete catalogue of door, window and framing systems designed to provide inspiration and choice for apartment living.

Known for their expertise in creating glazing solutions for the building industry, Capral goes beyond merely designing windows to creating products that integrate into the building design. Capral’s products blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of any project, keeping in mind not only the cost factor but also the value that these systems can add to any project.

Capral’s selection of door, window and framing systems is detailed in The Apartment Collection, complete with information about projection, sliding and folding options, and meets the requirements of different apartment types from ground floor units to penthouse studios.

Each system in Capral’s collection has a dedicated page that discusses its features, benefits and specifications. Find a detailed description of each door, window and framing system, from energy and structural performance through to acoustic and glazing capabilities, to help you make an informed decision on the right products for your apartment project.

Download the Capral Apartment Collection.