Several products from Capral Aluminium played an important role in the transformation of a Melbourne-based architect’s home into a naturally lit, airy and energy-efficient space.

Architect David Vernon decided to create his ideal urban oasis in his own residence in St Kilda East, Melbourne, with fresh air and sunlight being important factors in his design brief. David wanted to brighten the existing gloomy bedrooms and transform one living space into three.

The new living room is a simple box-like structure characterised by two external, staggered plywood panel walls with oversized Capral AGS 900 sliding doors that face northward and open into the new courtyard. The living room has been designed with passive energy efficient features such as solid insulation, Capral AGS double glazed framing system, unpolished clear-sealed concrete flooring and slab heating.

The kitchen also opens directly into the courtyard through a second Capral AGS 900 sliding door, harmonising the surrounding features. The smooth lime green wall stands out in a palette of natural colours and textures.

Capral products used in the renovation included Capral AGS 400 Narrowline framing, Capral AGS louvre windows and Capral AGS 900 sliding doors in a Terraco Black powder-coated finish.