The Futureline thermally broken glazing suite from Capral Aluminium addresses the challenge to improve the thermal performance of buildings throughout Australia. The Futureline range now provides an energy efficient edge to Capral’s Architectural offer.

Capral continues to lead the way in product performance, style and functionality with the Futureline range being no exception. Representing the latest technology in 'thermally broken' window and door systems, the Futureline suite offers a versatile solution that assures superior thermal performance without compromising building aesthetics.

Thermally broken framing systems incorporate an insulating 'break' in the aluminium formwork, dramatically reducing the transference of heat through the metal. This maximises the efficiency of double glazing in a variety of framing, hinged door and awning and casement window designs.

The metal is formed from Ecometal, which incorporates up to 25% recycled metal content, extending the Futureline suite’s environmental credentials beyond its excellent thermal performance.

Download Capral Aluminium’s Futureline Thermally Broken Window & Door Systems brochure.