Canon Australia recently achieved the Gold Partner status in the Sustainability Advantage program promoted by the Office of Environment & Heritage, NSW Government.

The Sustainability Advantage program supports organisations across NSW in their efforts to increase competitiveness, reduce costs and improve bottom lines through better environmental practices. A member of the program since 2009, Canon joined four other organisations in receiving this award for achieving a standard of excellence in their environmental performance.

Converga (acquired by Canon in 2015) was the first in Australia to achieve Gold Partner status in 2011. Canon will continue to collaborate with Converga on future projects that will reduce environmental impacts and benefit customers.

Canon Oceania Managing Director Yusuke Mizoguchi, who received the award, said:

“It is exciting to see our philosophy Kyosei, which means living and working together for the common good, come to life and make a real difference to the environment and our community. We are grateful to the Sustainability Advantage Program for the recognition of Canon’s leadership and our commitment to collaboration with other businesses to reduce the environmental footprint of doing business.”

Canon’s environmental initiatives

Continuously invested in reducing their impact on the environment, Canon credits their latest achievement to the various CSR initiatives in place at the organisation. Some of these initiatives include the product design lifecycle assessment methodology that reviews impact at all stages, through biomass plastics, returnable packaging, recycled plastics and power savings; commitment to the Cartridges for Planet Ark recycling program to assist with responsible cartridge disposal; support for industry-driven programs that provide consumers with simple effective methods to recycle products at end-of-life; and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by making their office space 70% more energy efficient than the previous space.

Sustainability Advantage Program

An initiative of the Office of Environment & Heritage, NSW Government, the Sustainability Advantage program seeks to recognise organisations that demonstrate outstanding environmental achievement and leadership; demonstrate ongoing participation in industry sustainability programs and events; participate in mentoring activities to share the organisation’s experience with others; show environmental sustainability values are instilled in the organisational culture; participate in benchmarking to assess environmental sustainability proficiency; and demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement and goal setting.