According to Canohm , FM listeners will benefit from the features and sound clarity of the Sangean range of digital radios. Canohm observe that AM radio listeners and FM fans will enjoy the ability to display additional information on the LCD screen, such as the name of the song and the artist, or traffic, sports and weather updates.

The entry model, the compact Sangean DPR-69 digital radio, is 16cm wide, 10.5cm high and 3.7 cm deep. In addition to its quality speaker, the Sangean DPR-69 digital radio offers stereo playback through the headphone jack (headphones not supplied) and weighs less than 350 grams, making it a portable unit. Users can stay in touch with their favourite music or sport stations as they work around the garden or enjoy a picnic. The Sangean digital radio can fit into the pocket and the unit can ‘lock’ to keep settings in place.

Rechargeable batteries can be topped-up by the radio, using its 240 volt a/c adaptor or it can operate on traditional AA alkaline batteries. Other Sangean models being rolled out include the larger DPR-99 portable digital radio, which is designed for AM listeners.

The WFR-1D table top model is designed to become the family radio hub, receiving digital and FM radio, as well as offering access to stations around the world through internet radio. It also has the ability to stream listeners’ own music selections stored on their personal computer.

The WFT-1D digital radio replaces the old AM/FM tuner and connects to the amplifier, offering global access to internet radio and PC-based music as well as FM.