Vogel’s Hide-A-Wire, available from Canohm , is a simple and affordable DIY solution to organising and concealing loose A/V cables.

Vogel’s Hide-A-Wire is a universal cable cover that is suitable for home, living room, bedroom and office.

It is a suitable solution for the common problem of concealing cables running from a floor level power point and antenna socket up to a wall mounted plasma or LCD TV.

Easily installed without tools, Hide-a-Wire comes in a roll and folds into shape, with cleverly designed clips to hold the cables firmly in place inside. The system can be easily re-opened to allow complete access to the hidden cables anytime.

Available in silver or white, the white version can be painted over to suit any background colour.

Hide-A-Wire is made from high quality material and is sold in a convenient roll in either a 1.0 or 2.5m pack, ready to be cut to size with standard scissors. It can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with Vogel’s LCD and Plasma TV supports.

The Vogel’s Hide-A-Wire is available from audio and video equipment retailers nationally.