Canton has introduced CD3500 wireless hi-fi speakers, which are distributed in Australia by Canohm . The slim, modern design, CD3500 towers each contain their own in-built 200 watt RMS digital amplifier and receive their music signal from a supplied digital transmitter.

Versatile connectivity means the 3500’s can not only be connected to the main sound system, but can also be run directly from a plasma TV, i-Pod, DVD player or multi-room home automation system/music server.

The transmitter can be placed up to 25 metres away from the towers, and will transmit ideal hi-fi sound through walls, floors and ceilings.

Operated by remote control, the CD3500 is a full range speaker, so a subwoofer is not required. However, subwoofers can be connected to the integrated jacks, if desired to give a full home theatre experience.

A common situation in many homes would be to place ipods next to the transmitter inside the house, and transmit ideal hi-fi sound through closed doors and windows, to the outside pool or entertaining area. Or alternatively, place the towers in another entertaining room in the house.

The only requirement is a standard power point for each speaker. There are no speaker cables or wires. The CD3500 series is available in brushed aluminium silver and sleek black piano finish including the transmitter, from audio specialists.

Canohm is the Australian distributor for Canton, which is the largest manufacturer and is a well-known brand of speakers in Germany.