Canton’s DSS-303, available from Canohm , is an iPod docking station that is equipped with advanced features.


  • Quality two-way stereo speaker system
  • Hi-power two x 50 watt amplifier
  • Good three dimensional sound
  • FM tuner with 20 presets
  • Digital clock with alarm and sleep timer
  • Line-in socket for playback of other sources
  • USB port for connecting other MP3 players

By combining an FM tuner with an iPod docking station in the one unit, the DSS-303 is an innovative home entertainment system. The users can wake up to the sound of their iPod using the alarm function or simply use the DSS-303 as an FM radio.

The DSS-303 is controlled by a full function remote control, no bigger than a credit card. It is compatible with all MP3 players (through USB) and is available in black or white from audio specialists.

Canohm is the Australian distributor of Canton.