Caesarstone have set a new benchmark with their range of recycled quartz slabs. These quartz slabs contain between 17 and 42 per cent first quality reclaimed quartz which has been sourced from:

  • Post production recycled - from the fabrication process
  • Post consumer - from recycled glass and mirrors
One of the most successful of Caesarstone's environmentally friendly recycled products is the Mosaici Mini Collection. This product contains 42 per cent recycled raw materials.

Caesarstone was the first quartz surfacing company in the world to be awarded the global standard ISO 14001 certificate for environmental protection in industry. The company's environmental management policy guarantees that they observe eco friendly production processes and strive to only do business with other like minded companies and suppliers.

Caesarstone believe that the high recycled content of their eco friendly quartz slabs reduces the demand for primal raw materials and protects the planet's precious resources which will help ensure a brighter future for the next generation.