Caesarstone  Australia has recently launched 9 new colours, creating exceptional demand for some of its unique and exclusive quartz surfaces.

The natural and organic colours have been developed uniquely for the Australian market and include Organic White, Whisper, Buttermilk and Black Rocks. The range uses new colour combining techniques that are exclusive to Caesarstone.

These beautiful Quartz surfaces reflect a warm, soft and natural aesthetic and have been developed using new technologies that have been skillfully mastered. Each colour combines a number of tones, subtly blended to create Caesarstone’s natural looking organic designs.

Black Rocks has a tonal black base and subtle white organic features, and could pass as something created by nature. Its classic rich black and white surface offers a highly tactile and timeless design.

Andrew Dixon, Sales and Marketing Manager for Caesarstone explained, ”Our latest range was several years in the making and it is very rewarding to see such strong demand and positive feedback from our customers. We continually strive to offer the market new and innovation surfaces and our latest natural looking surfaces have been extremely popular.”

The new range offers surfaces that have the natural, cool and tactile qualities of natural stone while possessing the superior properties of quartz.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are stain, crack, scratch, chemical and heat resistant, making them a durable choice for carefree kitchens, bathrooms, bench tops, wall paneling, splash backs and various other applications.

The latest colour range can be viewed in large floor to ceiling panels in showrooms nationally.