True to its reputation of being a market leader and innovator in product development, Caesarstone is proud to introduce its Motivo range of quality patterned texture quartz surfaces.

Caesarstone Motivo is a quartz product that incorporates a sculpted, patterned surface achieved using a patented technology developed by and exclusive to Caesarstone. Highly decorative, Motivo patterned texture quartz surfaces feature a contrasting gloss and sculpted texture finish.

With the popularity in decorative and textured finishes continuing, Caesarstone Motivo offers a contemporary and highly effective alternative to traditional patterned texture surface materials, such as decorative ceramic tiles and wallpaper.

Motivo patterned texture quartz surfaces are available in two standard designs including:

  • Lace 2141 - an intricate, floral pattern with elegant and delicate detail, available in the popular shade of Snow to suit many applications; and
  • Crocodile 3100 - a highly tactile, sophisticated and bold pattern, available in a jet black surface to add depth, intrigue and mood to any design.
These modern patterned texture surfaces can be used as a standalone feature or incorporated into the layering of a range of materials and patterns.

Caesarstone Motivo is designed primarily for vertical applications, such as wall paneling in bathrooms, living areas, entrance foyers, kitchen splash backs, and as decorative panels. It can however also be used for some horizontal applications, such as custom furniture surfaces.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, Motivo patterned texture quartz surfaces share the same properties of strength and durability as the original Caesarstone quartz surface. As with all Caesarstone surfaces, Motivo is nonporous and low-maintenance and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.