Founded in 1987, Caesarstone is the original quartz surface. Its dominant position in the market has been achieved through continuous investment, extensive research and development, highly trained personnel and an advanced market infrastructure.

Being a product which requires fabrication and installation, manufacturing a quality quartz surface is only half the equation when it comes to the final installation. Caesarstone relies on the expertise and workmanship of stonemasons to achieve a quality finish and showcase the product at its best.  

Continually striving to improve customer satisfaction, Caesarstone has developed a colour matched silicone to be used in the fabrication and installation of Caesarstone projects. The silicone has been matched to 12 popular Caesarstone colours and is exclusive to CaesarStone Australia.  

Caesarstone colour matched neutral cure silicone is a waterproof sealing product suitable for almost all expandable joins and sealing requirements in kitchens and bathrooms. Among its uses are the sealing of bench tops, splash backs, wall paneling, bathroom vanities to walls or tiles and more. Colour matched silicone will minimize the appearance of joins where clear or white silicone may have traditionally been used.  

Key advantages of the silicone are inclusion of an effective fungicide to reduce the growth of mould and mildew, improving and minimizing the appearance of joins, remaining flexible which eliminates cracks and gaps in the joins. And because it is a neutral curing system it has low odour, making the product more pleasant to work with than traditional silicone and acrylic adhesives.   A professional grade silicone, this product offers superior performance characteristics to cheap DIY grade coloured silicone products sold in hardware stores. It is available exclusively from Caesarstone Australia.